430 North Michigan Avenue
Rooftop Conference Room
430 North Michigan Avenue was a project involving the design of a rooftop conference room and garden space on an existing highrise office building.  Healy, Bender had previously completed a facade renovation for this same building, which included a large wing canopy on the front edge of the roof. 

Working with a schematic conference room plan, I developed the exterior of the addition, including a large exterior terrace covered by an elevated barrel vaulted roof in order to establish a connection with the curved form of the existing canopy.  In addition, I worked with client requests for extensive glazing along the facades of the addition, introducing a exterior shading system above the glass.  I also developed two garden schemes, which connected the exterior terrace to a seating area at the far end of the roof.

I developed and prepared all of the SketchUp work, including the presentation boards shown here. 
Chicago, Illinois
430 North Michigan Avenue
May, 2007
All work shown is the sole property of Healy, Bender & Associates, Inc.
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