Heritage Business Center
Shared Office Complex
The Heritage Business Center began as a exterior renovation project for a small bank in Plainfield, Illinois.  The building had gone through several facade renovations in the past.  However, with the closing of the bank, the building's owner wanted to convert the space into a shared office.  I was given the task of developing an elevational scheme that would maintain certain aspects of the building's history while updating the facade as a whole.

I worked directly with the building's owner to develop several schemes which incorporated an existing carved stone relief on the bank's north elevation, as well as a group of columns and window bays on its west facade.  These specific elements were part of the bank's original construction.  The chosen scheme is shown here.

After the facade renovation proposal was presented, the owner decided to continue the renovations to the building's interior.  I was asked to develop a schematic site plan and floor plan, working with as much of the existing building as possible.  In order to bring natural light into the lower level offices, I created a large exterior terrace that opened up the south facade below grade.  I was able to maintain almost all of the site's existing trees while adding additional vegetation in a series of stacked planters on the new terrace.
Plainfield, Illinois
Heritage Business Center
July, 2007
All work shown is the sole property of Healy, Bender & Associates, Inc.
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